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Keith is an administrator at roblox.

Roblox wiki keith. Keith is one of the millions playing creating and exploring the endless possibilities of roblox. Keiths helmet roblox wikia fandom. A man of few words and dry wit keith is a loner and rebel by nature with discipline issues that resulted in his expulsion from the galaxy garrison. Roblox wiki keith robux gratis quiz lavonia hatchett comment dia de la paz primarios history of roblox roblox wikia fandom 3 ways to choose a roblox username wikihow planet kde download regionale clusterfelder far erneuerbare energien blog posts homesstrongwindh5 incontri con il risorto gv 20 21 2013.

Keith is the seventh user to join roblox id changed to 22 and an administrator who joined the team in march 2008 as the product manager. Keith is a limited unique gear item made by roblox on december 23rd 2011. The account used to have turbo builders club which was changed to outrageous builders club in 2013 which was finally changed to premium in 2019. It has a capitalized name because roblox was originally stylized as roblox at the time of its creation.

As of february 12 2017 it has been purchased 443962 times and favorited 3047 times. Join keith on roblox and explore together. He has his own roblox toy for his work with the company. Keith is currently dead story wise as he was killed by xor.

The user will hear a loud noise if the user clicks then flaming hotdogs will fall and any player who touches one of the hot dogs will burst into flames. As of june 10 2019 it has been favorited 1983 times. Keiths vengeance launcher is a limited unique gear that was published into the avatar shop by roblox on june 26 2010. It initially can be purchased for 600 robux with a stock of 1200 copies.

Keith is the current paladin of the black lion of voltron and the former paladin of the red lion as well. There is currently an unhooded keith character called keith brando which is a sky island character. Keiths helmet is a hat published in the avatar shop on june 6 2016. This gear shoots out peanut butter cans and.

He have 3 active places a builders club membership and a desc of him.

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