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For example these commands look for the word roblox within a string.

Roblox string. The following declaration will cause the variable str to contain the string hello world. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play. To test the script press play. You can now return to the script tab to make any more changes or test out other strings.

The window will appear at the bottom of roblox studio. Since youve tested the script stop the playtest. String in a form suitable to be safely read back by the lua interpreter. Returns a string with length equal to the number of arguments in which each character has the internal numerical code equal to its corresponding argument.

Learn how to use it with this. This very simple and super interesting way to do roblox typing effect string sub. The string has one operator which is known as the concentation operator. Expected output expand local match1 stringmatchwelcome to roblox roblox local match2 stringmatchwelcome to my awesome game roblox printmatch1 printmatch2.

Returns a coded string of the instances debugid used internally by roblox. The string is written between double quotes and all double quotes new lines embedded zeros and backslashes are correctly escaped. Number number stringfind string s string pattern number init 1 bool plain false looks for the first match of pattern in the string s. Str2 hello world str1 world print hello.

Str hello str2 world print str. When i mean add i mean this. Str1 hello world print hello. The concentation operator is simply two dots and all it does is add strings to strings.

The most common method of declaring strings is to put double quotes around the characters. Strings are an important component of scripting as they are used to represent sequences of letters numbers and symbols. Array getdescendants.

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