Roblox Myths Hangman

The ai managed to predict many roblox events such as the 2012 hacking and even eric cassels death.

Roblox myths hangman. The hanging man did not say anything except a few numbers 1112016. Hangman is rumored extremely complex future predicting model on roblox that possesses artificial intelligence. The player quit roblox after sharing this experience with a few friends. This just shows what hangman would look like if he wasnt hanging and if he was hanging.

The myth hunt official roblox game. Wolfmaster000008 has no creations. But as soon as i went onto the roblox i got teleported to the same place. Hangman is rumored to have predicted several events such as erik cassels passing and the 2012 site hacking.

Welcome to the robloxs myths wiki also known as the rm foundation wiki or mythipedia. Unfortunately the creator of hangman committed suicide. Hangman continued to operate in game for a whole year while no other player was in game. Be they person place thing or even a mere story it gets.

It was justimpossible to leave. A player recently in 2014 came across an ad with nothing but a noose on it a rope for hanging and he clicked it which led him into a game with a player who didnt appear on the roster but was able to bubble chat much like anyone else. Ah everyone is here. The hanging man did not say anything except a few numbers 1 11 2016.

No one could leave. Which eventually spread all around. Myth hunters believe these numbers are the date of something keyed to happen soon already past. The music of the slain haunts me aristherius aristherius is a myth based off music she is currently banned on roblox and has separated from the main daxhaskett myth.

These shouldnt even be considered myths.

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