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Its one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox.

Roblox mouse target filter. Targetfilter equals what mousetarget is. If mousetargetfilter has been set the target filter and its descendants will be ignored. Make sure that the target is not a descendant of the players character. When the mouse is not pointing at a basepart for example when it is pointing at the sky target will be nil.

If you give an npc a classic rocket launcher set their targetpoint and then call the tools toolactivate function you can make the npc fire a rocket. This property is useful when filtering models containing special effects or decorations that should not affect mousehit or mousetarget. Developers looking for the position of the mouse in 3d space should use mousehit. Targetpoint describes a 3d position in space where the player controlling this humanoid last clicked with a tool equipped.

Everything works fine except how targetfilter behaves when fired the targetfilter does filter but when another shot is fired the targetfilter does not filter it alternates back and forth and im not sure why its doing this. The object in 3d space the mousemouse is pointing to. Free shipping on orders 35 or free same day pick up in store. Check out mousetargetfilter example.

The descendants of the object are also ignored so it is possible to ignore multiple objects so long as they are a descendant of the object to which this property is set. And check that its not descendant of the mouse targetfilter you can set the target filter to nil to check if thats the problem. This property is primarily used by classic tools to determine what a humanoid is targeting when they activate a tool. Multiple target filters for mouse.

There are cancollide false parts in the workspace the mouse needs to ignore. It seems like the part is being ignored that could happen because an ancestor of the part is in a mouse ignore list. Shop toys only at target. Use userinputservice mouse and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience.

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