Roblox Lua Remote Function

In the explorer window click the button next to replicatedstorage and insert a remoteevent instance.

Roblox lua remote function. The server listens for this function to be invoked by binding a function to remotefunctiononserverinvoke using the assignment operator and not with an event within a script. The function used to do this is remotefunctioninvokeclient. When a client wants to use a remote function it will invoke the server with the remotefunctioninvokeserver function within a localscript. To implement remote events you must create a remoteevent instance where both clients and the server can access it for instance replicatedstorage.

A remoteevent is designed to provide a one way message between the server and clients allowing scriptscripts to call code in localscriptlocalscripts and vice versathis message can be directed from one client to the server from the server to a particular client or from the server to all clients. In order for both the server and clients to utilize a remote event the remoteevent object. When the player client is invoked it will execute the bound function.

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