Roblox Auto Rap Battles Lyrics

Its the first time girl that it never got started the second time girl left.

Roblox auto rap battles lyrics. My bars so fire and you look like a vampire. As we said before you are free to copy and paste it. Bam bih i dont wanna fuss to spit fire. Thank you all so much for 40 subscribers hopefully we could end up with 50 or even 100.

You losers think u can rap but really i used ur raps to wipe after my last crap. But your family says your just a little bee. Apparently there are also many roblox players who have already copied this rap. I start it like a pro until we end the show and then we let it go and get drunk now.

Trapped on this beat. Tell yo dude stop wearing those fake aas chains. Zay w ssup its zaygamerexzy unheard that you. My life is good your life is bad.

Enjoy the free lyrics you. Roblox auto rap battle rappers lyrics. Well the text above is one of the best rap lines in roblox. Your just a little starter trying to become like me.

Yo i dont wanna get ahead of ya why you so cocky when yo blank is mad regular yo my rhymes. Rap battles nigga go crazy. Rap battles nigga go crazy. Rap battles nigga go crazy.

Lil mik ayy if you had a slow type then you wouldnt be a bunk i got more hits than you ill get my drunk boy thx for that hook i know my rhymes fire but dont drink that c0ke thats a times desire verse 2. Like you dont even got any beats. Your face i can use to lace my shoes you just gonna lose your rhymes are a disgrace to. Clean rap battle lyrics.

What life can actually be. Like this my street. Heyy you think your so cool nah you justa fool in the pool you wanna fight me you mite as well bite me but my skin is thick while yours is thin before we rap let me tell you i can spell and youre going to hell i get cash you get trash im the rap king and your the crap king. And you go off and cry in the streets.

When you try to be me. All my fudging. Auto rap battle rappers lyrics. Ayeeeee you never beat me at rap you the crazy blank up the street who keep all my cats and.

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