Moon Charm Bee Swarm Simulator

Moon charms are a special item that can only be obtained at night time.

Moon charm bee swarm simulator. To generate a moon amulet you need 100 moon charms. Some of the bee swarm simulator codes 2020 listed below need you to be a part of the bee swarm simulator club if you wish to redeem them. Click on that and the options will open up. Look to the menu on the top left of the screen and find the gear icon.

Moon charms can be acquired when fireflies finish what they do they summon 1 moon charm token but they can drop multiple and you can get them from the sparkles they make. It gives special buffs and perks to the player that will help a lot in grinding. Here is a list of the latest bee swarm simulator codes. Redeem this code and get as reward pepper patch boost x1 pepper patch capacity x1 pepper patch market boost duration.

Fireflies only come. The end goal of the game is to make honey and this simple premise is more than enough to keep the players engaged and entertained. Bee swarm simulator new codes. If you walk over or shoo the fireflies while they are in that field it will fly up to reveal one block of spit and if all fireflies are collected it spawns a moon charm in the center of the circle.

In such cases the bee swarm simulator is one from the common games to engage in. 43 tickets 38 gumdrops 10 coconuts 3 stingers 11 micro converters 5 field dice 2 marshmallow bees 1 magic bean 1 cloud vial 1 ant pass 15 blueberries 15 bitterberries 3 moon charms 1. This amulet gives a few buffs and allows the player to walk on the moon shaped platforms located in the diamond room and in the 30 bee zone at night. Also make sure to keep an eye on onetts bee swarm simulator club and the games roblox page for latest information posted by onett.

Several of them are wonderful simulator with great graphics and storyline or plots. Nonetheless you might not constantly find luck when utilizing the codes for video gaming because of several reasons. Bee swarm simulator is a great online multiplayer game. Bee swarm simulator codes october 25 2019 roblox bee swarm simulator moon charm codes there are lots of sorts of game to play.

These codes are totally at no cost. How to redeem codes in bee swarm simulator. The moon amulet is a type of amulet that is generated by moon charms. The moon amulet is an amulet created by spending 100 moon charms at the moon amulet generator.

Its pretty simple to redeem codes in bee swarm simulator. Each time the player purchases the amulet the buffs given tend to improve. The game tasks you with hatching bees and making a swarm. Redeem this code and get as reward bumble bee jelly x1 bitterberry x10 micro converter x1 capacity code buff duration.

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