Iceland Vs Greenland Size

Greenland is represented on the mercator projection as almost the same size as africa when it is actually smaller than the democratic republic of congo.

Iceland vs greenland size. Weve all looked at this map and wondered. Kalaallit nunaat pronounced kalait nunat. Greenland is an island that sits between the arctic ocean and the north atlantic ocean. Iceland is approximately 103000 sq km while greenland is approximately 2166086 sq km making greenland 2003 larger than iceland.

For more details see an in depth quality of life comparison of united states vs. Greenland by recomparison contributor 0 25115 difference between iceland and greenland. As mentioned before africa is 14 times the size of greenland. Asia africa north america south america antarctica europe and australia.

Vatnajoekull is europes largest glaciera piece of ice the size of puerto rico. Iceland using our country comparison tool. Africa is about fourteen times larger than greenland but on many maps theyre roughly the same size. Both are perceived to be countries characterized by vast expanses of uninhabited areas and frigid weather of course but they actually have.

One of the biggest differences between australia and greenland other than their obvious climate differences is population. Greenland is so big why isnt it a continent. Meanwhile the population of iceland is 339747 people 282034 fewer people live in greenland. Gronland pronounced knlaen is the worlds largest island located between the arctic and atlantic oceans east of the canadian arctic archipelagoit is an autonomous territory within the kingdom of denmarkthough physiographically a part of the continent of north america greenland has been.

Greenland is the largest island after australiaso why isnt it considered a continent too. A glance at the globe might make you wonder why iceland seems oddly green while greenland is covered in ice. It is just over 216 million square kilometers 834k square miles making it the twelfth largest country in the world. Using this model the continents of the world in order of size descending are.

Meanwhile the population of iceland is 339747 people 3263 million more people live in united states. The actual size of greenland. For many people iceland and greenland may as well be the same country for all their seeming similarities.

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