How To Make A Roblox Obby Work

In this video i show you how to make an autosaving obby.

How to make a roblox obby work. This will allow people to cheat and if youre selling it you wont make as much profit. In the interfaces center is the game environment. Basically an obby is a game genre in roblox where there is usually short platforming sections with checkpoints inbetween and they are usually themed around a certain thing like escape the castle obby and charles entertainment cheese obby so on and so forth. Do not allow gear.

In this video i show you how to make a roblox obby without coding. If you want to join the. Just make sure the names. Learn how to add obby checkpoints to your roblox game which keep you at your current stage if you die.

Making your first game pick the obby template and upload it. Make sure to leave a like and sub. Use a name thats likely to be searched up eg. This is part 2 to a series so make sure to look out for other videos.

This video is a remake of a previous video that failed to work properly. Click on the green button that says create new place.

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