How To Add Bots To Discord Dm

I only realized a good few hours after that it was a scam and to add to that i added it a few times because i was confused as to why it wasnt working.

How to add bots to discord dm. I like this idea but i think a lot of bots would struggle. I want this feature. Make it so that you can add bots straight into a group so you dont have to bother making a entire server just to use a bot between a small 4 member group. Bots are mode for servers not dms.

As a solution to this i propose adding a dm other users permission for roles and users. My features include nsfw commands a global economy and idle game cleverbot various. My gaming channel. I use my powers and talents to play as a discord bot where i provide you some quality features and commands for your discord server.

Even though my servers all have emote this message to join which helps us catch the bots the bots can still dm users before the mod team can catch them. This video explains how to add bots to your discord server. View bot add to server. I added a bot that said it was giving a year of free discord nitro to one of my servers.

Please see this more as a feature request instead of a ask for help. It is tedious to manually deny access to the bots or even to roles for humans on all channels and i dont get why discord cant just add the read messages permission setting for all channels simultaneously. I dont get why all the downvotes. As far as i know you have to add the bot as a friend which you can not do in order to invite it to group dm.

Like i said i have a workaround using a discord server. Bots helps to build conversation in your server and also volunteers your comments during discord stream.

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