Farm Life Roblox Upgrade Tools

Farming hoe free 1 1 sickle 100 1 2 shovel 250 1 4 garden fork 500 1 6 rake 1000 1 10.

Farm life roblox upgrade tools. Before posting please read through the guidelines. To get more details about how to upgrade your tools in farm life roblox in the future please subscribe to our website. A roblox game inspired by elements of stardew valley. Farm life is a game where you own a small farm in which you will grow and expand by grinding resources from the land.

This is the wiki page for the roblox game farm life created by snicktrix. You can buy stuff like crops animals tools and so much more. This game assumes that you have played farming sim games before and currently does not have an in depth tutorial. An axe is a tool to cut down trees and get wood.

Check out farmer life. Wooden axe can be bought in the shop for 500 gold can cut down normal wood.

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