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Save your template file.

Create a t shirt roblox. Scammer took my legendary pet. 2020 please read the description make your own shirt without photoshop. At this group we make shirts. 1 dont say one offensive term 2 dont make the other peoples sad 3 dont say to get robux 4 dont scam other peoples if you scam 3 times you go get suspended for 1 day what you can make in this group.

How to make your own shirt on roblox. This youtuber tried to scam me in adopt me. You can use any image editor to design a decal for a t shirt in roblox. You can create shorts t shirts hats pants shoes and all kinds of things.

Select a payment method. Note that you can use 8 bit alpha channels for transparent regions. Anyone can make them apart from nbcs because it robloxs rules that they cant make bad shirts tbcs obcs please enjoy the group and feel free to join. Create a new file.

Learn a quick easy and useful way to make roblox shirts. Use the following steps to create a new file in photoshop gimp or paint. Go to the create page. Open an image editor.

Set the image dimensions to. 1 you can make new friends. Click on either shirts pants or t shirts in the left column depending on your design. In the main area of the window click choose file to select your template.

You can even sell your creations to other players in return for robux the in game currency. Please keep in mind that. Create shirtspants how create clothes 1 go to store 2 press in shirt or pants 3 press in choose file 4 add one shirt or pant template 5 click in ready you finish rules. To create your own clothing you will need to be a subscriber to the premium builders club.

Click continue enter your payment details. 2 you can make shirts 3 you can make pants 4 you can make t shirt. Select the amount of time. Free shirt pant and t shirt creating group is a group on roblox owned by sxdjxk with 33658 members.

Designing a t shirt decal 1. Creating clothing is done through templates.

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