Cleetus Flamingo

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Cleetus flamingo. Originally the hillbilly overalls. Cleetus is one of the most popular of albert s avatars in the video i went on robloxs disturbing talk show a player named eathood asked albert where you got cleetus from. Cleetus is a hillbilly in the northern swamps of florida. He wears the goofball face and the laid back cowboy hat.

Tired of being bullied cleetus escaped the gaming world for the vinyl one. Meet farmer flamingo everyones favorite rancher here to help down yonder. He is also depicted to be wearing no shirt but overalls called the cleetus overalls. Well would you look at that cleetus and flamingo have become one yall.

We almost got a jojo hat on roblox. Animated this with a program im probably never using ever again xd check out flamingo. This is so sad on august 1st 2018 as a country bumpkin cowboy and also as one of alberts aliases. How to be cleetus from roblox flamingo in robloxian high school duration.

Animationmeme iczpeak flamingo thanls for 3oo subscribbles sorry i have to hitry my phone is at 1 sorry if its too edgy for u beh no thimbnail yetgr original ottie httpsyoutube. Standing at 486 inches tall wearing overalls a cowboy hat and sporting a goofy expression cleetus is here to find a better life. We play all kinds of games but we really like to play roblox. Hi its albert from flamingo.

He an alleged rodeo cowboy that first appeared in the flamingo video roblox. His window box features a flamingo features a bbq and farm where he now spends his days. Make sure to subscribe to let us know you like it too.

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