Bloxburg Suburban Family House Speed Build

Today i made a suburban family house suitable for 4 people to live in it has 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 garages and a backyard owo tour starts at 2950 costs.

Bloxburg suburban family house speed build. Give this video a thumbs up. Bloxburg suburban house. 90 869 game passes needed. 94652 without the car build desc.

Read more please. Collab w yikesash giveaway. In this video speed build i make an adorable family house fit for about 5 family members. Hey guys check out this large bloxburg build of this suburban family house that is great for roleplays and is large enough for a big family with a huge kitchen.

This is my 260k traditional suburban family home. Robloxbloxburg suburban family home speed build 270k suburban family home plot description 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1 car garage. Multiple floors advanced placement join my roblox group https. Bloxburg family suburban house speed build collab w yikesash.

Dec 23 2019 roblox. Advanced placing and multiple floors ikotori decal. 88 513 game. Thank you for waiting 3 hours for me to finish this build d tour starts at 3623 cost.

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