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Tttrrreeeaaasssuuurrreee redeem for a green treasure chest.

Babft wiki chests. I put a lot of hard work into this video so id really appreciate it if you can like the video and subscribe if you. The sorting buttons will not appear and non vanilla keyboard shortcuts such as ctrlshiftclick to move all items of a given type will not work. The shop has a few items that may come in handy most notably the chests. Chests can only be opened with gems with their price being displayed on their purchase button.

Chests are a major feature in babft. Today i show you all of the new chest locations in the new portal update in build a boat for treasure roblox. Chests can be found through the shop menu in game. It is not compatible with inventory tweaks.

There are a few other chests that cost more or less depending on their content. To open a chest simply select the chest you want and then click the button under unlock chest. The secret treasure chests are chest blocks hidden around the map and in stages in build a boat for treasure. The yeti redeem for 25x green presents 25x neon blocks.

Costs of chests depend on its rarity each chest except for the common is the price of the previous multiplied by 3. 500m visits redeem for 4x portal 5x cake 25x balloons 20x star blocks. They have the highest amount of hitpoints out of all of the chest blocks. In addition to being craftable a number of chests are created during world generation and placed in random map locations.

Cold feet redeem for 25x green presents 25x neon blocks. It has a capacity of 9 x 8 more than 2 normal chests occupies only 1 space and doesnt need an empty space above it to open but see next point. It is not possible to obtain the old secret treasure chests anymore. Redeem for 1x boat motor 1x car seat 4x wood block 1x cake.

To collect a secret treasure chest the player must touch the chest. Standard chests usually cost 400 to open while mystery type chests tend to cost 200. When opened they give the player a certain amount of blocks which can be found by dividing the price of the chest by 5. Thank you to fort0506 for helping out.

Common chest 5 gold 1 item uncommon chest 15 gold rare chest 45 gold epic chest 135 gold legendary chest 405 gold paint tool 1500 gold ballon blocks 300 gold magnet block 500 gold car blocks 900 gold plane blocks 4000 gold binding tool 2500 gold. The treasure chest menu can be accessed from the in game store.

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