Azure Mines

Name rarity depth in meters.

Azure mines. Unobtainium crystals are used as a premium currency in azure mines. Azure mines is a new mining game first developed by berezaa during a five hour stream on june 7th 2016. Non valuable ores exist here everywhere. Youre in charge of restoring an old mining facility back to its former glory.

Ore depth optimalbest depth rarity tips and tricks for mining icon xp reward stone layer 1 1m 10m na extremely common mine without a worry. The first time you mine azure ore you will receive the treasure hunter badge. It will remain incomplete until i or someone willing to help goes and re watches the streams that these come from. This is incomplete as it is hard to determine their depth.

They can be obtained as a rare ore which contains 1 to 3 of its crystals opening your daily gift which award 5 15 crystals each or by purchasing them for robux. Its one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox. Fog color is light blue lighting color is gray and stone color is gray. Use the ore you uncover in the azure mines to rebuild your base.

Classic editor history comments 47 share. 1 stone layer 2. Trivia after azure mines was created berezaa added the azure refiner upgrader to one of his other games miners haven. This has fan ores as well.

You start off with a base in ruins and its your job to restore it to its former glory by upgrading the stations with ores and gold.

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