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In this video i go over all of the new summer rain 2020 event vehicles.

After the flash mirage lore factions. Each game has a unique setting from each other all following the same lorestoryline. The uscpf conscripts any seals they find as well as attempt to seize their suit. There are currently seven main installments of the after the flash series. Welcome to the official atf wiki.

The new japan liberation force has goals comparable to that of the uscpf to forcefully eradicate mutants and to restore japanese civilization back to power. It had occurred on november 2 2032. After the flash the seals that remained wandered into the wastes to serve as mercenaries or traders or to try and settle down. Each game also introduces new factions according to the setting of that game.

After the flash is a role playing game that can be found on roblox set in a post nuclear apocalyptic world between the nato and the acmf in 2032. Edits are being. The loreplay masters official atf admins have said that some of the information on this wiki is either non canon or flat out false. Lore atf i and 6 more.

When the postwar factions such as the new japan liberation force and the rising sun warriors popped up the marine corps suddenly found itself at odds with the new leaders with many japanese survivors considering the us to be at fault for the nuclear holocaust in the first place. This page lists all the factions in the after the flash universe. The flash was the result of the end of an armed conflict which spanned across six years between two factions nato north atlantic treaty organization and the acmf asian continental military force with a devastating nuclear exchange which was coined as the flash by the survivors prior to said exchange. Mirage summer rain 2020 event new vehicles.

The acmf inexperienced in fighting seals were crushed by them although a few pockets remained. A wiki dedicated to chadthecreators roleplay game series on roblox. It is advised by the lpms that you do not use this for completing applications for factions.

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